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In my 20+ years of playing and instructing players at the high school, collegiate and professional level, I not only learned the skills needed to play but also learned what coaching tactics work with different learning styles. 


I prepare players to move from high school ball to college play; and from college play to pro ball. 


I've taken this knowledge and applied it throughout the years by training high school teams, coaching travel ball teams and providing recommendations to Major League teams.


My coaching style focuses on the most important aspect of the game; the mental game. The player needs to understand why they are doing what they are doing so that they are ultimately their own hitting instructor. 


My focal points are:

  • Build a relationship with the parent and player. Let them know I'm here to be a resource and an advisor.

  • Teach the player how to be confident in his playing ability and how that confidence can help take him to the next level.

  • Challenge each player through competitive drills and training sessions.


My expectations are:

  • A desire to learn, build and improve upon what you have already been taught.

  • Be open to new thoughts and ideas on how to hit.

  • A willingness to use the information I provide and practice it in between our sessions.

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